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Christmas games - a star atmosphere at your command

Regardless of whether it is Advent and you are happily preparing for the next holidays, or you miss them in July or you are not interested in them at all, but you like their surroundings, in the section called "Christmas" you will find a lot of nice games that will make you feel better more than one afternoon or trip. Many of them are gaming classics of the Internet in a slightly enhanced version, supplemented with star attributes. Take a close look at them and evaluate for yourself.

In Mahjong Candy Cane, the rules are not complicated and, with a high degree of probability, they will not surprise you - there is a pile of colorful tiles in front of you, covered with pictures referring to winter celebrations. You will find there Christmas accents, such as Christmas trees, gifts, socks for gifts from Santa or baubles, but also winter snowmen, snowflakes and ice skates. Your task is to pair them, but you won't be able to reach all of them at once. You need to pay attention to whether they are within your reach. Additionally, you will find tiles on the board that will help you to double your points, for example. Time is limited!

Atomic Puzzle Xmas is an advanced Christmas puzzle that theoretically refers to the Christmas atmosphere, while relieving all those who have already eaten a bit - your task is to smash Christmas balls! You have to do this methodically, selecting the item that will pull the rest. Observe how the chain of atomic links works and make sure to break down each element in each level.



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