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About the game Bubble Farm

Bubble Farm - a village full of adventures

Classic bubble shooter games are extremely popular. For good reason - it's a simple and very rewarding form of entertainment where you don't need any special tools or preparation. Bubble Farm belongs to this category and is a great option to pass the time during a boring afternoon, for example in the waiting room. The game of increasing difficulty, consisting of many levels, has a pleasant graphic design, associated with a farming theme. You move around the village map, crossing the grove, a bridge over a river and fields, climbing the levels.

Bubble Farm is a game for everyone. It will work both for adults seeking relaxation, and for children who will enjoy gaining new achievements. Each level is marked with stars, and you collect valuable points which in some cases determine whether or not you can transport yourself to the next level.

Bubble Farm is suitable for playing in a computer browser, and thanks to the vertical layout - also in your smartphone type phone. Let yourself be drawn into this form of entertainment by overcoming adversities together with the farmer. What is the scoring mechanism? Beginning with the first level, you throw animal bubbles towards the rows of different species to create sets. Try to do this with as little "ammo" as possible and everyone will be happy. On the side you have a little hint of what will appear in your hands next. Have fun!

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