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Farming games - something for small and large farmers

Are you fascinated by rural life and do you want to live on a farm? That's for sure - farm games are for you! Take on the role of a farmer or choose one of the traditional entertainment, such as bubble shooter games in a farm atmosphere. Playing Merge Plants is about matching identical plants to each other and discovering more and more new species. Earning points and collecting them is a lot of fun, and the beautiful artwork is pleasing to the eye. Fans of the home window sill jungle feel at home.

Bubble farm is a farming game in which you control a nice grandpa, and your task is to clean up all the animals on your farm - so there are cows, pigs, but also ducklings and frogs. You send one individual (in the form of a sweet bubble) towards the disorganized flocks (balls suspended in the space above the farmer) and when a compilation of at least three animals of the same species is created - the bubbles disappear, giving you points. It's great farm fun for kids!

An interesting proposition from the category of farming games are various machine simulators, for example Tractor Mania. This pastime requires dexterity and precision: you have to steer a vehicle and transport crops, such as vegetables, to a specific point. Do it as soon as possible to accumulate a lot of points on your account and move on to the next level. Be careful - stay on top of speed and check that your valuable crops are still standing in the trunk. Good luck!

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