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About the game Jewel Curse

Jewel Curse - Matching Curse


Match 3 games tempt players with more and more interesting versions. One of those interesting is the original Jewel Curse game, which is a brilliant curse or a diamond curse. It sounds mysterious and mysterious, and this is the atmosphere of the Jewel Curse game, an interesting, tactical puzzle. This version has something of a Rubik's cube, but with a serious difference that after turning the sides, it is enough for three identical elements to be next to each other.


What are the elements that should be matched in the Jewel Curse? These are shimmering and glamorous ancient gemstones that are definitely tempting and attracting attention. The atmosphere is complemented by deities placed "in the corners" so as not to disturb those willing to play. Move, drive over, leave behind, combine, add and combine. This is how it is supposed to work! If three diamonds of the same shape and color appear next to each other - they will disappear, earning you points.


As the rules of the game are quite simple, but its mechanism is not entirely, check for yourself whether this form of gameplay is suitable, for example, for a child. It may turn out to be too small to understand how it works, but there is also a chance for a positive surprise. Here, too, you have a lot of levels to complete, but you have to start all over again. From the dawn of time, which is exactly like in this game in which the scenery of antiquity entered into cooperation with modern technology.

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