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Bejeweled - be enchanted by the brilliance of magic diamonds

It is said that diamonds are the best friends of women, but not only they find it difficult to pass by the extraordinary brilliance indifferently. Maybe you are fascinated by jewelery wonders? Bejeweled is the gaming section where you'll find tons of them - and it's completely free, right at your fingertips! In some cases, you need to think a bit about it, but the effects are extremely satisfying. Will you be enchanted?

Built on the Unity engine, Jungle Temple Blast will guide you through a series of extremely satisfying levels. What's your job? Combine colored brilliants into sets of at least three identical ones, by moving them with the cursor or the touch screen. Then the pieces disappear and the puzzle moves a little, creating new possibilities. At first, the task is easy - to complete it, you need to collect a few elements in each color, but over time the challenges become more and more difficult.

The 10 × 10 Block Puzzle in the Bejeweled edition presents you with a challenge of a different kind - just like in the classic Tetris, you have to arrange colored blocks (in this edition - with beautiful diamonds) in a specific order on the board. When you build a complete row or column - the elements disappear, creating room for more. In this case, however, time pressure is eliminated - the modular parts appear at the bottom instead of falling from the top, so you don't have to make hot decisions. Make sure there is room for everything - otherwise you will lose!

aplikacja mobilna