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About the game Jewel Magic

Jewel Magic - a magical puzzle

You have a very boring afternoon and you don't know what to do with yourself? Need an activity for a toddler with whom you played with all the toys and then went on the longest walk in the world? Are you sitting on a break at the university and your friends are not here today? Browser games come to the rescue! Take out your smartphone or other device to immerse yourself in a world of puzzles like Jewel Magic.

Match-three games are hugely popular - they are simple and extremely rewarding, and the multitude of levels makes it an addictive activity for hours. Jewel Magic is no different, so be careful - you can magically get sucked in even when you have a lot of other urgent things to do. Especially since ... there are as many as 120 levels here, and each subsequent one is more and more interesting. So it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work - maybe you'll fall in love with it too?

Jewel Magic is distinguished by attractive graphics and beautiful landscapes in the background. As the name suggests, you have to assemble multi-colored sparkling diamonds, perhaps with magical power, as the title timidly suggests. The key is to know what the mechanism is - using your fingers on a touch screen or a mouse or touchpad, you have to move the stones in such a way as to combine them into compilations of at least three identical ones. Why at least? Because if you manage to put together four diamonds of the same color, you will get a bomb that will help you break a whole row or row, and if you combine five - a fantastic diamond, suitable for breaking all the current elements in a given color. So it's worth trying!

It also pays to give it your all for the special bonuses between levels - try to always get three stars for a nice bonus. It's really worth it, because they can make the fun even more interesting! In addition, each level has its own specific rules - for example, collecting a certain number of points or getting a few diamonds in a specific color. Stick to them and you'll do great!


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