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About the game Blockz

Games in which our goal is to put up a wall consisting of colored blocks are extremely popular. The Blockz mechanism is simplicity itself - the square bricks are placed on a small board, and your task is to find the largest possible combination consisting of one color that falls apart just after you click. Disassemble the whole thing with as few mouse clicks as possible.

Blockz has many levels, a modern, disco design and an interesting, dynamic soundtrack that immediately puts you in full action. Sit down comfortably and think about it - match the blocks to each other and try to logistically plan the entire disassembly process so that the effect is the best for you. Due to its simple rules, Blockz is even suitable for children or to be clicked to reset the brain after a very tiring day or week. And you, which level can you achieve in the game with colored blocks?

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aplikacja mobilna