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About the game Match Arena

Match Three Games are famous and well-liked and enjoyable puzzles. Match Arena is a place where you can compare your competences with other participants, randomly selected by the computer.

Choose a name and a "profile picture" (animated, cute and less sweet characters), then get a short training session before the real match. The challenges vary, and each challenge brings you closer to the next great bonuses. Earn points and accumulate achievements.

Match Arena introduces a touch of healthy competition to the classic gameplay. Each subsequent task is more difficult and slightly different from the previous ones - you have a specific number of points to score, more carrots than your opponent or you have to destroy all the jelly that covers and blocks the colored tiles.

The elements are cute and cute, so the little ones will love Match Arena too. Simple rules make it easy to learn the basics, and the dynamic gameplay allows you to quickly train your reflexes and perceptiveness.

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