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Crystals games are logical titles that also contain an arcade and strategic element.

Initially, there are randomly arranged, multicolored crystals, diamonds or other stamps on the board. The rules are very simple - we move the adjacent (vertically or horizontally) crystals or diamonds, and the three completed in this way disappear. The other crystals above them move down one row, and the player has to look for more equal threes.

In the browser game about crystals - Jewel Burst - available on OnlyGames.io - the player is transported into outer space, where he has to solve new crystal puzzles on subsequent boards. Three in the line mean their disappearance and the displacement of adjacent crystals.

Similar rules apply to the Jewel Shuffle game, where the player also arranges colored diamonds and crystals so that there are three in a line eventually next to each other. The background of the game, however, brings to mind "Fairy Tales of One Thousand and One Nights", which is complemented by wonderful oriental music and graphic effects.

Jewel Legend is no different. It is also a one-person logic arcade game, and the environment is an old mine. In addition to the standard rules, the player has the option of using additional bombs or dynamites that blow up many adjacent fields.

Crystals is a one-person game and comes in browser and mobile versions. All crystal games are two-dimensional and also intended for children, due to the simple, even intuitive, controls.

aplikacja mobilna