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Happy Halloween


About the game Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween - spooky fun


Match 3 games are not only about matching candies or crystals in equal rows. Although the game of this type itself could be interesting, at this point in the offer you will find hundreds of original proposals that differ even slightly in rules. Happy Halloween is also quite original. Although some hard candy will be found, there are not too many Halloween "trick or treat" here, but rather attributes of horror characters. Let yourself be drawn into the challenge of finding common ways to connect elements that are consistent with each other and overcome subsequent levels.


Happy Halloween is slightly different from the classic browser match-3 games. The difference is that instead of a sliding mechanism, we are dealing here with a linkage mechanism. In practice, this means that in order to combine, for example, three pumpkins, you have to draw a broken line between them. It's an interesting theme that opens up many more possibilities. It may turn out that you will be able to throw one bag from half the board!


Thanks to the multitude of levels (there are really a lot of them!), The game doesn't get boring for a long time. Once you pick up the stick, it's going to be hard for you to break away, you'll see. Complete the challenges that are thrown at you, unlock new levels and enjoy all the bonuses you can come up with. Watch your score and keep a close eye on how many moves are left to the end. Sometimes you can concentrate so much on collecting points that you run out of moves for the necessary action. Good luck!

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