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The word "Kizi" can be used to describe many games of different genres, which combine the simplicity of rules and the speed of entertainment. Kizi is arcade and logical games, simple puzzles, fast online shooters or racing. All games where you play many games in a few minutes can be called this name.

Kizi browser games include such titles as: snake, balls, match 3, memory, motorcycle driving simulators or throwing a ball to the target.

Simple and quick entertainment, instantly leveling up and scoring points - all this can be described with one word: Kizi.

These types of online games can be fun for kids. Thanks to simple rules, the game will not be difficult even for the youngest, and the dexterity or logical nature of the games will help the child to practice reflexes and combine when solving tasks at subsequent levels.

The multiplayer option, present in some simple, browser-based Kizi games, will allow you to play with family or friends - sometimes via the Internet, while in other titles, the control will be carried out on one keyboard or by making alternating movements

aplikacja mobilna