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Xmas Bubble Shooter


O grze Xmas Bubble Shooter

Who has never smashed Christmas balls from a Christmas tree, let them first throw… a Christmas ball! It's best to get rid of the construction in Xmas Bubble Shooter. Several colors, simple ammunition and equally simple rules - you aim the colored bubbles at other bubbles to arrange at least three identical ones next to each other and thus knock them off the top. You collect points, which are later stored and allow you to place in the table of records. Dropping all the bubbles allows you to move on to the next stage - with each successive one getting more and more difficult!


The Xmas Bubble Shooter game uses the classic ball-throwing mechanism, which in this case has been given a Christmas decor - they are simply Christmas decorations. Admittedly, it is even more satisfying in this version! Take an interest in this version of the ball game if, for example, you don't know how to spend your time on a cloudy, pre-Christmas evening and want to get into a festive mood.

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