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Sweet Candy Mania


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About the game Sweet Candy Mania

Little Fluff needs your help in Sweet Candy Mania. Together with his entire family, he was captured on a foreign planet. Can you help him regain his freedom?

Sweet Candy Mania is a game that will add you to the game for hours. The rules are simple, you should shoot the balls, in this case the candies, to connect them in three. The initial stages are quite simple and do not require a lot of commitment, but with time ... Well, with time problems start. It turns out that freeing the next members of the Puszek family is not that easy, especially since we have a limited number of shots at our disposal, and with each level, more and more are imprisoned.

After some time, we notice that Sweet Candy Mania is becoming more and more demanding from a simple arcade game. This is a huge plus as it allows you to enjoy the game for a long time! Set off to play the free game and free Fluffy and his family.

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