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Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel


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About the game Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel

Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel is a browser game in the bubble category. The principle of operation is simple - combine at least three identical elements to throw them off the board, collect points and finally get rid of all the balls. The candy wheel is a huge wheel made of colored candies that spins over your projectile, which you target with exactly the same type of sweetness. How quickly will you manage to drop all the colored elements into the abyss?

The Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel game has an extremely enjoyable visuals and a relaxing pace. It belongs to the ball games category, because it resembles many similar mini-games in various versions. Play solo or challenge your friends to a duel. Aim and hit, then again and again! Perfect yourself at this task and remember not to get confused in colors - it happens sometimes. Become a master of bouncing candies and changing their track with the help of walls. Be precise!

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