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About the game Bubble Pop Adventures

Bubble Pop Adventures - bubbles in the mushroom world


Games from the Bubble Shooter category probably need no introduction. The classic form of play gained enormous popularity at the beginning of the computer age, drawing hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world into a pleasant, game trance. Bubble Pop Adventures is a cute version of the match balls, in which we deal with the world of small, sweet mushrooms. Help them have a delicious fun of shooting colored bubbles and adding identical shades to the colored group. If you manage to hit and connect at least three, the group of touching balls disappears, leaving room for other elements.


Bubble Pop Adventures has many levels, each one a bit more challenging and thus becoming more addictive and fun. Scoring points and watching the characters playful are a lot of fun, as is developing an effective throwing strategy. Wisely guide the ball to make as few throws as possible and get rid of everything on the board.


These types of games, with nice, friendly graphics, will certainly also be liked by children - even the youngest. If your child is attracted to the virtual world, offer him a challenge in this positive, beautiful and fairy-tale world where nothing bad can happen. Explain what is throwing accurately and how the ball can bounce off the side walls. On the side you can see how many throws are left and which color will hit your paws next.

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