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Witch Alchemist Saga


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About the game Witch Alchemist Saga

Witch Alchemist Saga - a magical fantasy world


Do you know Candy Crush Saga games? They are real time ameners, for example in a line at a store or clinic, as well as during a break at work or at school. Witch Alchemist Saga is a match 3 game. In this case, we are dealing with various elements from the magical world - a witch's tiara, sprites, a spider, suspicious-looking sweets, a cauldron with a strange decoction ... Dark colors and mysterious substances are exactly this atmosphere. The whole thing is fueled with music lined with mystery, which perfectly fits the aura and allows players to move their thoughts into the magical world.


Witch Alchemist Saga consists of many levels. At certain stages, you gain the opportunity to modify your skills, for example, by choosing various facilitations and improvements (and sometimes just enhancements). A nice witch will help you find yourself in these not too complicated rules in practice, if you want.


Combine (at least) three identical elements, score points and jump briskly through the levels. Focus on the challenges you receive in each subsequent round - for example, getting ten of the same stones during a given level. Remember that the combination of four or five of the same elements has additional advantages! Therefore, move around the map in search of the most interesting boards (once you unlock them). I wonder which one will become your favorite.

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