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Magic and witchcraft - a series of fantastic suggestions for adepts of magical practices

Would you like to enchant your reality a bit? Games in which magic and spells appear are a great set of proposals for making your afternoon or winter evening pleasant. They will also work as a break in study or work, and even a company for afternoon tea. Look for the most interesting options among games with this tag and be amazed by their mysterious possibilities.

Time Witch is a game in which magic and spells play the main role. In this interesting platformer you play the role of the title witch and move between the obstacles. You need to get to the level end diamond. This way you go through the levels, gaining new skills and qualifications - you learn to jump, move items and ... charm, of course! Time Witch has a retro-style graphic design, so it will set the mood for players remembering classics such as Commander Keen from the early 90s.

A proposal from a different category, in which magic and spells are in the foreground, is the Witch Magic Academy game. You can play it both on a computer and a mobile device (a vertical interface is useful for this). Take care of the appearance and clothing of your witch character, and then brew magic elixirs with her and create complex compositions from magic stones. Remember to get all the necessary ingredients and then create a collection of commemorative cards.

aplikacja mobilna