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Candies - sweet fun for young and old

Who doesn't like colorful sweets? Not only are they tasty, they also look so pretty and adorable. Candy games, as a rule, have a simple mechanism and are suitable for both children and adults. You can find among them the classics of browser games in a "sweet" version or something completely new. Let yourself be carried away by the candy madness!

Mahjong Candy is a traditional Chinese puzzle, also appearing in various other editions, but the pictures known from it have been replaced here with cute graphics. You will find chocolates, wafers, jelly beans, candies and beans, and your task is, of course, to catch pairs and eliminate flat blocks one after another. This version is a great opportunity to present to the youngest what Mahjong is all about - the charming scenery will certainly encourage them to familiarize themselves with the rules that are not too complicated.

Another example of fun in which candies play the first fiddle is the atmospheric Sweet Candy Halloween. Trick or treat! In front of you is a board with various, slightly spooky sweets, and the challenge is to combine them in at least three-element combinations. With each level, there is a special mission (for example, removing a few specific candies or ice cream). Papa Cherry Saga is another match from the Match 3 series - the sweet story has a lot of levels, and every one is more interesting. Note, these types of games are really addictive, you enter at your own risk!

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