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Wizards and sorceresses - see their magical world

There are many games with wizards and sorceresses - they allow you to peek into the mystical world of magical legends. If you are interested in such atmosphere, be sure to check out the great list of games under this tag - maybe your new favorite is among them? Many of them are also suitable for children - they are colorful and interesting, they do not contain elements of horror. What options are worth testing?

Witch Alchemist Saga is a classic in a magical way. What do you have to do? Simply move the colored sweets that appear on the board and arrange them in such a way that there are at least three identical in rows or rows (even the name of the match 3 category indicates this). Additionally, with each level there is a specific task - and you need to find at least 10 elements of one type and another. The farther into the game, the more difficult it is - as it usually is, so this fact should not be surprising. Complete your tasks and get caught up in this pleasant fun.

Wizards and Sorceresses also appear in a game of a completely different category, namely Duel of Wizards. This magical duel is an opportunity to show off your spell casting skills. The 1: 1 fight requires constant concentration on the target - you have to make sure that the opponent does not use your moments of weakness, and at the same time sense his weaknesses. Play in single or multiplayer mode and test all the locations - the better you do, the more you will get.

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