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Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty


About this game

Mahjong, maniong or maczong - no matter how you pronounce the name of this game, you probably know it. If not, you will learn the rules in ten seconds - select two blocks that have the same picture, and none of them is covered with at least a fragment of another block and at least one side is not adjacent to another element. Easy? Sure! It is not without reason that the game is still wildly popular, despite its very long history. Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty has been soothing the nerves and manners for many generations, why not take advantage of it nowadays?

There are two modes to choose from, Classic and Kids, where you can introduce younger players to the world of Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty. But no one will hold you accountable if you test the simplified version. Or a hundred times just to cheer me up. It is important that it worked, right? So don't wait any longer, start the game in your browser and get into the solitaire version of the game straight from the Qing Dynasty now!

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aplikacja mobilna