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Mahjong Flowers


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About the game Mahjong Flowers

The Mahjong Flowers puzzle game is another version of Mahjong, which stands out from the rest with a very calm atmosphere. It is here that you will relax after a hard day, listening to soft music, watching the slowly falling petals of cherry blossoms and straining your mind at the same time.

If you want to relax after a hard day at work or school, or you just need to relax, there is no better way to do it than a several-minute (or longer) session before Mahjong Flowers. This is an extremely relaxing desktop version of Mahjong (accessible from your web browser).

Mahjong Flowers - as you probably guessed from the title itself - is a floral version of this popular logic game, originating from China (some say that it dates back to the times of Confucius). The authors focused on a relaxing setting that can really relax. A short session, lasting even several minutes, is enough for us to feel the tension sinking from us. This is helped not only by the graphics and specificity of Mahjong, but also by extremely calm music.

Mahjong Flowers game rules

The gameplay of Mahjong Flowers is no different from the original. Just like there, also here we sit in front of a board consisting of a certain number of dice with different symbols. Our task is to find and combine the same elements in pairs. So you need a lot of concentration, but also patience. Sometimes it may take several dozen minutes to complete one stage.

However, it all depends on how perceptive we are, what board we will hit and what difficulty level we choose. As for the latter, three have been prepared: easy, medium and difficult (the higher it is, the more elements we will have to combine). Thanks to this, Mahjong Flowers will be liked by both complete novices and veterans. Regardless of the degree of difficulty we choose,

Features of Mahjong Flowers:

  • a one-man mahjong in an extremely relaxing envelope,
  • three difficulty levels (easy for novices and difficult for veterans),
  • fifty boards to overcome,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from the level of a web browser.
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