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Online games of the "perceptiveness" type (sometimes also called "find the difference"), besides being a great entertainment, are also a good exercise for our brain. These are pictorial puzzles for little trackers and serious detectives - often aimed at children and containing elements of fairy tales or animals, all in beautiful, rainbow colors.

Browser perceptiveness games do not require dexterity or good reflexes. However, the falcon's eyesight, the ability to combine, cleverness and patience will be useful. These graphical puzzles involve comparing two pictures and finding the differences between them. The smallest details, colors, different hand positions, or the blink of an eye - these are just some of the tricks used by the producers of such games.

The method of scoring and advancing to the next levels depends on the specific game. In some, crossing the level is time-limited, while others require finding a certain number of differences. The most persistent players with detective skills can quickly find all the differences in pictures, and these types of online games train their perceptiveness and sharp mind.

aplikacja mobilna