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Mahjong Dynasty


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About the game Mahjong Dynasty

Do you know the extremely popular category of puzzles, which is mahjong? In the Mahjong Dynasty version you will find an interesting and aesthetic diversion, namely a journey through the Far East (maybe it's the whole long Chinese Wall?) To a magnificent palace. Each subsequent level is more and more difficult and brings you closer to victory. Will you be persistent enough to overcome the whole thing?


The Mahjong Dynasty game, apart from the variety in the form of levels arranged on a beautiful, colorful board, is based on the same, simple rules as the classic version of mahjong. Your opinion is to find a pair of symbols that disappear when clicked, making the structure smaller. The goal of each task is to get rid of all blocks from the field in the shortest possible time. The fewer mistakes you make, the more stars you get for each challenge. Reach the top, level 100! Act efficiently, be perceptive, and don't be fooled by similar but non-identical patterns.

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