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Mahjong Master 2


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About the game Mahjong Master 2

Mahjong Master 2 is a great puzzle game originally from China. The player's task is to match two identical tiles, which can then be removed from the board. This title includes many levels of increasing difficulty and a time limit! Only the best will manage to get hold of these boards within the time limit for gold! Good luck.

About Mahjong Master 2

Mahjong is an old Chinese puzzle game that has gained many fans in a simplified digital version and is gaining more and more popularity. The addictive gameplay, consisting in finding pairs of the same tiles, has so far received many scenes, competing with more and more interesting audio-visual setting referring to oriental climates. One of them is the Mahjong Master 2 browser game, available for free on the Game Planet platform.

Mahjong Master 2 puzzle game

Mahjong Master 2 is not only a puzzle that allows you to move gray cells, but also a great way to relax, thanks to the eye-catching graphics of the game, filled with soothing green and floral motifs. The rules of the game are very easy to learn, and people starting their adventure with mahjong can use the instructions in the main menu.

There are also three levels of difficulty in Mahjong Master 2, so everyone can adjust the level of the game to their needs. The Mahjong game board is lined with various tiles, called stones, on which there are colored symbols depicting, among others, Asian signs, flowers, coins, seasons and animals. These elements are arranged next to each other and on top of each other, in various configurations.

The object of Mahjong Master 2 is to remove identical pairs of stones, as long as they are not blocked, i.e. have no other tiles directly on their sides or on top of them. The player has a limited time to clear the board of all tiles, which, depending on the difficulty level, passes faster or slower. The more efficiently you complete a level, the greater your chance of getting the gold star, the highest award in the game.

If you get confused, don't worry, you can undo your move, but remember that this option can only be used a few times. Sit back and play Mahjong Master 2 puzzle game on Onlygames and you'll find out how addictive it is.

Features of Mahjong Master 2

  • Old China puzzle game;
  • Ability to choose the level of difficulty;
  • Pleasant to the eye, soothing graphics;
  • A great way to relax and train your mind;
  • Addictive gameplay for hours.
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