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Butterflies - games with colorful insects

Butterflies are the subtle, charming heroes of many fairy tales, stories and, of course, fun, easy online games. Let's focus on the latter! Only Games offers a series of mini-entertainment in this field: here you will find something for both older and younger avid gamers. Fabulously colored wings mean equally fabulous fun - will you get drawn into it?

Let's start with the Butterfly Kyodai Classic game, which is - as the name suggests - a real classic. In addition, it appears in a really beautiful version! Try to help the butterflies by pairing their wings and letting them unfold their fullness so that they can fly away picturesquely. To do this, you need to find two perfectly matched halves. However, there is a catch - it is not enough to have a keen eye when it comes to choosing colors. It should also be ensured that the tiles are in places that can be connected with each other with a maximum of a double broken line, while not getting caught on any other elements. You also need to meet the allotted time, so the task is not as easy as it may seem!

Butterfly Kyodai Deluxe is the same in terms of mechanics, but we have even more beautiful wings and even more phenomenal special effects - after all, this is the Deluxe version, so it must be exclusive and cute. In case of problems, you can use a magic wand that shows the way, as well as a lifebuoy in the form of a move. Time is limited here too, but you can freeze it temporarily. Good luck!

Another option is to have fun in Butterflies Jigsaw - great puzzles for everyone. These are some beautiful graphics! We choose one of the three difficulty levels - easy, medium or hard - and then, depending on it, the picture is divided into the appropriate number of pieces. The whole thing is accompanied by a nice melody, which you can turn off if necessary. Grab the individual pieces and match them with the matching ones, and if you need help - take a look at the preview. Will you be able to arrange all versions?

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