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Smarty Bubbles XMAS


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About the game Smarty Bubbles XMAS

Smarty Bubbles XMAS - bubble shooter in a festive version

Are you looking for online entertainment that is accessible to everyone and at the same time provides fantastic fun? Smarty Bubbles XMAS is therefore the perfect proposition for you. Shoot colored balls to make groups of three or more. Break score records in a unique atmosphere. In the background you can see a snowy landscape with a starry sky and reindeers, which makes the fun much more enjoyable, especially during the holiday season.

People from all age groups will find themselves at Smarty Bubbles XMAS. The controls are not a problem even for a few-year-old children, and experienced, older players will also feel satisfied. In one session, you can check your stats by competing against yourself. Thanks to this, you know what progress you are able to achieve with subsequent attempts. The menu includes an option to turn on the sound when shooting the ball to spice up your struggles.

What makes Smarty Bubbles XMAS really special? First of all, it reaches everyone, regardless of their skill or age. Aiming with a computer mouse allows you to regularly score points and thus constantly encourages further struggle. As many as 6 colors - green, yellow, blue, red, blue and purple - make the title also visually impressive. Minutes spent shooting balls of different colors help you relax from everyday worries.

If you want to spend your free time in an interesting way without any obligations, try Smarty Bubbles XMAS. This is one of the simplest ball shooting games that will keep you hooked for hours, guaranteeing unforgettable fun. Never experienced this type of entertainment before? Read the rules of the marble game with detailed information on bubble shooters. Also check out similar games from this collection in other versions - enjoy wonderful entertainment that you won't find anywhere else. Don't wait and try this title on onlygames.io now.

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