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Jelly Madness


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About the game Jelly Madness

Jelly Madness - jelly madness


Jelly Madness is a real treat, especially for the youngest. This is one of the browser games from the match 3 category and consists in drawing one line between jelly beans of the same genre. By combining them, the jellies open their eyes and come to life, then disappear, adding points to your account. With each level, the tasks you face are slightly different, and there are more and more sweet and adorable characters. Wait a minute, but it can't just be easy and fun? That's it! In addition to your harmless allies, in the later game there are also not necessarily nice characters that need to be… simply eliminated. How will you do it? Come up with yourself!


The colorful and fairy-tale scenery of pastel objects around definitely attracts attention and encourages the youngest to try their hand at combining. All you need is a bit of cunning and perceptiveness to get out of your way. Jelly Madness is a non-stressful and individual game in which nothing unpleasant can happen to you. As time passes and you climb up the skill levels, you gain virtual funds to invest in small aids, ie "facilitators" of life in the game. It can be an extra rainbow jelly (goes with everything), a hammer with which to smash a wayward element, a bomb that goes without saying, or extra movements if you stared. The whole thing is nice and thoughtful, and there are a lot of levels. Test yourself and get caught up in this sweet world!

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