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Connect - build the best network of connections

Some English slogans referring to online games sound a bit enigmatic and this may also be the case in the connect section - this word means "connect" or "connect", so you can already guess what action you will be doing in them. Meanwhile, it looks like you'll mostly find fun and simple match-3 games here. It's a great time to have fun. Just be careful, they can really pull you in for hours!

The Island Puzzle game is an adventure of a little kitten who, as a result of a strange combination of events, got stuck in the jungle. On the advice of a nice parakeet, he has fun discovering island customs and plants. He also gets tasks to perform - he has to combine identical elements that are on the board, for example leaves, fruit or water droplets. However, there are no specific technical limitations here - you can create vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines so that the line catches on as many elements as possible. This is what connect games are all about!

Jelly Madness is a very similar entertainment, but with delicious sweets. There are so many of them that the mere sight of them makes you drool, but also your teeth hurt! Each level requires you to focus on a specific element - for example red jelly beans. When you collect enough of them, you go to the next stage. Attend to the tasks and fulfill them at the highest level, and this will pay off with bonuses and stars.

aplikacja mobilna