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Connections - try to create the best possible

Among browser games, games that do not require long planning, special combining and complications - they allow you to relax and unwind, are very popular. Searching for the best connection between the individual pieces of the puzzle definitely fits in this trend - all you need is a comfortable position in an armchair or even on a bus seat. You can play these types of games even while standing in line at the supermarket (as long as you have chosen a cart and have both hands free).

Pop Halloween is a simple and atmospheric fun in completing sets of Halloween attributes. Of course, there will be pumpkins, skulls, cauldrons with suspiciously-looking contents or gouged out eyeballs. Find the best connections between them and by clicking, you will delete the entire section. The convenient vertical game interface makes it also comfortable to use from a phone or tablet. Of course, it is very simple at the beginning, and with time the challenges grow. Do not give up, you will certainly cope with them!

The Lumeno game is, on the other hand, a lovely game of creating sets of colorful lights. You want to combine as many as possible in one go, so take a look at the densest clusters of specific shades. This is not a classic match-3 game - it's much easier to collect a higher number here, because you draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The fun is made even more pleasant by additional bonuses that you can come across during the course.

aplikacja mobilna