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Elementary arithmetic Game


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About the game Elementary arithmetic Game

Elementary Arithmetic Game - Online Math Training

Elementary Arithmetic Game is an online test of arithmetic knowledge, which, however, can spoil the blood of those who are untrained in combat or have not been practicing mathematics for a long time. Why? Well, during the test, a timer is activated, which systematically reminds you of how much time you have already devoted to a given issue. You are tasked with completing arithmetic operations with appropriate symbols - for example, plus, minus, multiplication or division sign.

Finally, when the time limit is up, you are left to analyze your own achievements. The board shows your score, the ratio between right and wrong answers, which you can use as a starting point for further practice, or just a "final exam". If you want to pull up at the pace of the actions in your head, and also to improve the work of your gray cells, practice Elementary Arithmetic Game as often as you have a moment to do so. It's a minute that you won't even feel during the day, but it will make a huge difference to your brain.

During the game, your time will be made more pleasant by nice, dynamic music, which may make you go faster and better. However, if you are distracted by its rhythm, you can easily eliminate this irritating element. You have sixty seconds for the next test and the opportunity to test yourself, and the game system records your best results. How's it going next time? Watch your progress and continually pull up on what has gone worse. Good luck!



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