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Clean Ocean


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About the game Clean Ocean

Clean Ocean - environmental education

You go out into the deep blue ocean. There are beautiful islands around you, above you - unblemished sky, and below you, it seems, a beautiful coral reef. Meanwhile, apart from her and various creatures located in the depths of the water depth, something else is hidden under the water ... And this is disgusting rubbish and various waste that people left on the shore or threw into the water ... What to say? If you have the opportunity, show your children what to do in such a situation. The creators of Clean Ocean, or NAU.Kids also show how to behave. If you can do this, try to clean up. While it seems unfair (as someone else has left the rubbish behind), Earth is a common good worth caring for.

The Clean Ocean game is all about cleaning a water reservoir of various, not very pleasant, surprises. Start with a single bag to then catch much larger and more numerous contaminants. Leftover food, old newspaper, canned food, broken bottle… None of these fit the environment, and none of it should go there. Fish out waste by clicking on the appropriate objects.

There is a counter at the top that tells you how many items you need to search for, and a countdown timer on the right. Try to clean the space as thoroughly as possible, catching more elements in each subsequent level. When you get to ten - the job is done and the fish, turtles and other animals will be able to sleep peacefully.

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