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Games for 10-year-olds - many roads, many possibilities

10 is a serious age - you are so much older than 9-year-olds, and yet not a teenager yet. Games for 10-year-olds are really interesting and there are a lot of them - from quite simple, relaxing ones to more complicated ones that require thinking and logical combining. Which suggestions are the most interesting? What series can you meet in this age category?

One of the game options for 10-year-olds is various types of dress up games. Cinderella Dress Up will allow the child to empathize with the stylist of the most true, fairy-tale Cinderella, and Popsy Princess Delicious Fashion offers simply delicious fun in creating stylizations with the most beautiful sweets in the world. In browser games, this type of task is to decorate models with beautiful clothes, add shoes, handbags, hairstyles and makeup. In some cases, you can even choose the scenery and finally take a souvenir photo which is saved on the computer disk!

Children who prefer fairy-tale dragons to princesses will probably like Cute Little Dragon Creator - a game where you can design your own soother. In addition to the coat and eye color, choose clothes and accessories for him. Great fun! On the other hand, for 10-year-olds who love sports competition, Zoo Pong, i.e. table tennis with the participation of animals, will work well. Simple rules and the ability to play on mobile devices, plus energizing music. Go ahead for the tournament cup!

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