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Numbers and games, i.e. online math repetition

Surely many students during the day hear that they should spend more time on books and less time at the computer screen. It's obvious, but do browser games have to be treated only as a form of entertainment? After all, so many of them contain numbers that help in a quick and effective math revision! Suggestions such as Crazy Math (quick quizzes with math activities) are even great for warming up the brain for a test!

An interesting proposition for many school children is the Animal Discovery Fraction Addiction game, i.e. numbers arranged into fractions. The player's task is simply to catch them, which add up to 1, and to click on their fields in the shortest possible time. Can you find them all without making any mistakes? A quick revision of what the numerator is, what the denominator is, and how it works at all will come in handy! Break your own records to release the critters hidden under a pile of math activities.

In Math Magic Battle, you play the role of a witch who has to protect herself from terrible monsters. Her secret weapon is, of course, math! Choose which actions will become your shield and will be present in the game. Good answers make bad characters move away, wrong answers make them move closer to defeat you in the game. Don't give up: beat your own records by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing like a pure math wizard.



aplikacja mobilna