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Baby Animal


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About the game Baby Animal

Baby Animal - animal families

What sounds do puppies make compared to adult dogs? What is the name of the horse's baby? Whose offspring is the chick? Baby Animal may not answer all of these questions, but it will certainly require some knowledge on this subject. If you have toddlers on board who are just getting to know the animal world and are learning to distinguish between different families and species - play it with them. This nice game, proposed by NAU.Kids, is fully adapted to the possibilities of children's perception.

At first Baby Animal seems easy, but there may be elements that will be a little difficult (especially for the youngest). This might be a good time to tell the tale of tadpoles and caterpillars that turn into fascinating species. Let your child guess for himself before guiding him to the correct answer. Errors in this game cost nothing - just select the correct answer afterwards. There is also no time pressure or points to score - just sorting out your messages.

When you click on the correct answer, a green check mark will appear on the screen and a cheerful melody will play in the background. In case of a mistake - you will see a red cross and hear the signal that you need to repeat. Play as many times until the child remembers the whole thing (unless they get bored beforehand). It will be most convenient to use a tablet or a large smartphone (due to the comfort of the touch screen), but the laptop will also work (then click the mouse or touchpad).

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