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About the game Drop Letters

Drop Letters - learning to write and read

The game Drop Letters is one of the long list of offers from the producer NAU.Kids, which can boast a lot of educational games. In this case, we are dealing with simple tasks, consisting in the need to fill in the gaps in short, three-letter words with specific matching letters. The task is relatively simple, but obviously not for everyone. Toddlers will certainly need parental supervision, but slightly older children (for example kindergarteners) should be up to the challenge.

Games such as Drop Letters are most conveniently played from a tablet with a touch screen - then the operation is very simple, and the interface is completely reactive. When using a computer, we have to use a mouse or a touchpad, but it is also intuitive and comfortable. The game has no age limits or any other limitations - there is no measurement pressure or time limit, and there is no limit to the number of possible approaches to the task. Mistakes make it impossible for you as a player to complete the task, so it's easy to see that a mistake has been made somewhere.

Correct and incorrect answers are also properly signaled by sounds, which makes the gameplay transparent. For children who do not know English from birth, Drop Letters in this version will be a good vocabulary training in a foreign language. They can easily train short, three-letter words, being able to demonstrate their linguistic intuition at the same time.

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