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About the game Alphabet Words

Alphabet Words - alphabet repetition

Alphabet Words is one of the numerous proposals from NAU.Kids. What does the manufacturer propose this time? A colorful and visually attractive (especially for children) quiz in which you have to deal with deciphering various passwords. On the one hand, it is a good option to learn the alphabet, and on the other - at least in the case of Polish children who are not bilingual - a way to revise basic English words. Whichever version is your motivation, the quiz is a fun and rather stress-free task.

Alphabet Words has neither time limits nor any rigid framework in which to fit. This is not a competition in which you want to achieve the best possible result to beat someone else, but an opportunity to test yourself, identify possible mistakes and systematically correct them so that in the future they appear less often or not at all. Encourage children to systematically train this type, and the teaching process will become much more enjoyable. Learning through play and the ability to control errors gives a lot.

The instant feedback (i.e. the response, in this case the evaluation) that you receive each time is also a great help. The game lets you know that you answered right with a green tick and an appropriate sound, while a red cross and a less pleasant sound indicate the wrong answer. During the whole fun you can be accompanied by pleasant, unobtrusive music. Enjoy learning!

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