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About the game Seasons

Seasons - learning the seasons

Seasons game is a great proposition for children at various stages of development. This is another educational game from the manufacturer NAU.Kids that has a long list of different options to support the teaching process. This time, the quiz mechanism is based on the principle of association games, which allows for the development of abstract thinking and broadly understood intelligence in children. It is worth encouraging them to solve these types of tasks - whether offline or online - as they provoke thinking and establishing new brain connections.

So what exactly is Seasons? You are given a picture of something - for example, rain, falling leaves, the sun shining on a beach, or snowfall - and you have to give it one of four answers, including picture answers. What will you find in the answers? For example, a warm sweater, a bathing suit, a cup of hot cocoa or an autumn leaf. It is enough to choose the best matching element, click the cursor on its surface and voilà - one of the puzzles solved. There will be several of them in the series, so this is only part of the success.

Educational games such as Seasons give parents the opportunity to delve into a given topic. For example, here you can tell the children more about the weather, climate and cyclical changes happening in your area. The transparent system signals good and bad answers visually and audibly, so you will definitely not get lost. If something turns out to be too difficult - come back to the topic with your child after some time.

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