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Figures in the Clouds


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About the game Figures in the Clouds

Figures in the clouds - educational rocking in the clouds

Human development from an early age has a significant impact on the quality of life in adolescence and adulthood. Whether we like it or not, we need a variety of stimuli for perception to develop correctly. While learning, at any stage of development, we are often more likely to look out the window, desperately or completely innocently looking for inspiration in the clouds. And it is for such people that the interactive game Figures in the clouds comes in handy.

Match a colored item to one of the three clouds. Be careful! Some of them are remarkably similar to each other, but only one is always correct. If you make a mistake, the error will immediately be indicated by a low, slightly unpleasant sound. In the event of success, however, the item will fit perfectly into the correct cloud right away, and playing to the accompaniment of a nice melody will take you to the next stage of this educational adventure. Attention! It is extremely satisfying and instantly improves your mood.

In Figures in the clouds, your child (or you, after all, the right brain stimulation will be useful to everyone) is in the best possible hands. NAU Kids cares about both the quality of its games and the message that comes from them. Do not wait any longer, just go on a sky-high journey, during which you will develop your minds and, who knows, maybe you will become a world-class scientist. Sit in front of the computer or pick up your smartphone and learn by playing!

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aplikacja mobilna