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Fruits and Vegetables


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About the game Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables - a game about eating and counting

Fruits and Vegetables was created by NAU.Kids for little toddlers who do not yet fully recognize fruit and vegetable objects and are not yet able to count on their own. The ability to count is welcome here, but it is absolutely not essential - the easy and clear boards challenge you with the amount of food packaged. You have to pack three bananas, but it doesn't look like you are packing them and then someone checks to see if you are doing well. In this educational version, even the system makes sure you are doing well by counting down to zero with you.

Fruits and Vegetables is the easiest tablet game to play. The touchscreen, but of a large size, makes it easy to click and everything is clear to the child. Of course, you can also test it from your smartphone, but the screen may be a bit too small. In turn, in an ordinary computer, the lack of a touch screen (unless you have one) may be a bit disturbing. Regardless, the game can be played on many different electronic devices, so choose your favorite or just yours.

Playing with fruit separation is slow and easy, so you can relax with it without worrying about the time running out. A child who learns to count does not feel time pressure, which has a positive effect on his development. Test yourself with him in this game and, if necessary, be a translator of intricacies. Have fun!

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