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Letters Parts


About the game Letters Parts

Letters Parts - what's missing here?

Letters Parts is one of the most interesting offers from a series of educational games for children, which you will find in the depths of the Internet. Its mechanism is very simple, often found in other games of this type - in front of you is a clear interface with a small quiz. A question appears in the form of a part of the picture, and the three answer options are suggestions that you can use to complete the missing picture. The player's task is to attach a fragment that together with the base will form a complete letter.

The letters presented in the Letters Parts game are cute, pink and cute, so they catch children's eyes and intrigue. The play itself is an excellent form of learning for children who are just trying to master complicated reading and writing activities. Make this process easier for you and them by launching a series of educational games. Letters Parts is also an interesting proposition because gluing objects from parts together is not a task that is suitable only for children who have already mastered the alphabet - even the younger ones can try their hand at subconsciously remembering different shapes.

Letters Parts has a nice soundtrack, which, however, can distract the oversensitive ones, so you can easily turn it off if you want to. The system signals visually (red cross or green tick) and also audibly good and bad choices, and the sounds are easy to get used to. Below the question mark symbol there is a small string of letters. Perhaps it will be useful to kids.

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