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Solar System


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About the game Solar System

Solar System - Astronomy in a nutshell

If your child has trouble remembering all the planets of our Solar System, go ahead and show them Solar System, an educational game that can pass this piece of knowledge to even the most stubborn people through pictures and a simple quiz. Do not hesitate to test it also in case of your own uncertainty: it is an extremely accessible form, so you can easily repeat this and that, without time pressure or any other stress. The quiz formula promotes repetition, so you can test yourself as many times as you need it or just as you like.

The Solar System game has a simple layout and everything is clear and transparent: when launched, you see the usual interface that often appears in browser games, and then switch to the view of eight planets carefully drawn. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - these are them. In this case, an additional, slight challenge is the necessity to recognize the English names of the planets, but you will also manage to learn it easily, as most of them are very similar.

Educational games in the browser have the advantage that nowadays children are very eager to reach for electronic devices. Thanks to Solar System games, they can find offers of broad educational value and they will gain a lot from it. The mechanism of the game is child's play, it only requires moving the cursor and clicking in the right place after receiving the command. Good luck!

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