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What do animals eat


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About the game What do animals eat

What Do Animals Eat - game about food for animals

What does a panda eat and what does a lion eat? Whose delicacy is corn, and who loves to nibble on bamboo shoots? Does the lion eat the fish? These and other questions can be easily answered in What Do Animals Eat, a game from a series of educational games in which the player's task is to match the animal to the type of food it eats. Chickens, squirrels and fudges have completely different eating habits, so it's worth knowing what to feed them. Serving cabbage leaves encountered on the road to squirrels is a real faux-pas (not to mention the fact that, in general, wild animals cannot be fed at all).

Start What Do Animals Eat together with your child to introduce them to the world of animals. If recognizing some items is a problem, translate and explain so that eventually solving the entire educational quiz is no longer a problem. Should any part still seem confusing, the entire game can be repeated any number of times. Turn it on on your computer, laptop, or tablet for a comfortable gaming experience.

The What Do Animals Eat game can be a great excuse to tell stories about the life of fauna and the functioning of animals in the ecosystem. Which animals like each other and which don't like each other? What kinds of relationships are there in a country yard and why? These are fascinating issues that may make your child want to develop biologically in the future and, above all, to grow in respect for other earthly creatures.

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