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About the game SHADOWS GAME

Shadows Game - shadow recognition

NAU.Kids is a developer of Internet games from the educational series. There you will find options for completely young children as well as for those slightly older. Shadows Game is a good proposition for the first group. What is the task? The goal is to match the objects to the depicted shadows they might leave. For people who are a bit older, such an order is not a major challenge, but for little ones - and yes.

Shadows Game, like the various other quizzes offered in this series, has an uncomplicated formula with no measurement or time limit, no major restrictions or consequences associated with giving the wrong answer. There is time and space to learn and repeat, and if you make a mistake, just try again. A green tick and a red cross, as well as appropriately matched sounds indicate whether you have answered correctly or not. But don't worry as there are countless reruns and returns.

Although to you the difference between the shape of the balloon shadow and the shade of the house seems obvious and noticeable at first glance, your child may have a little problem with this classification, especially at the beginning. Therefore, it is good to accompany the mentee in solving these tasks and exploring knowledge. The game is the easiest way to use a tablet - thanks to the touch screen, the fun resembles the offline version and is fully understandable for the child.

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