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About the game Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero - Man, don't get frustrated!

You probably know very well (or at least know it!) The game which is the classic "Chinaman" or just "Man, do not get irritated". It's a classic game for up to four people, on a board divided into the four most popular colors: basic blue, yellow and red, and green. Ludo Hero is a board game transferred to a virtual browser version - you give your character a name and choose his image (Ordinary mortal? Or maybe someone similar to Einstein?) And you compete with real opponents or an automatic robot.

Ludo Hero game is a lot of fun and laughter, and due to the simple, intuitive rules of the game - it is also suitable for playing in an international company or with very young players. Guide all the pieces of your color safely across the board to hide them in the cottage / warehouse / shelter - whatever you want to name this place. The first participant who manages to do this wins. Remember that you are not sharing fields with others! If the number of dice indicates this, either eliminate the others or be eliminated.


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