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About the game Reversi

"Reversi" - known in Poland as "Othello" - is a board game that celebrated its triumphs in the first half of the 19th century. However, it still has its loyal fans today.

In 2009, a Pole, Miłosz Cupiał, became the European Champion in "Reversi". Who knows, maybe the next Polish champion will grow up on this version of the game! The rules in force in it are not too complicated: players alternately place their stones on the board with the mouse. If one of them manages to surround the opponent's pieces (forming a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line), he replaces the trapped pieces with his own. In this way, he increases the number of his pieces on the board.

The game in "Reversi" is won by the participant who, after filling the entire board with pieces, has more of them in play than the opponent.

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