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Pachisi - ancient entertainment in a modernized version

Pachisi or Parcheesi are names that definitely sound proud - and what do they mean? This is the ancestor of the well-known Chinese / Ludo. Originally, in ancient India, the rules were a bit more complicated than in today's variations of the game. The mysterious word in the title means twenty-five, the number being equivalent to the maximum number of points that could be scored in one round. Today, although there are minor nuances and the so-called home rules (home rules introduced at the initiative of the household for private games), the rules are rather simple and identical.

Contemporary proposals in the Pachisi category include Ludo with Friends. In this version of the board game, you can either play alone, competing against the computer, or inviting your companion or companion to play with you. An additional attraction is the possibility of choosing an avatar and giving your character a name. Then the game begins: alternately throwing dice and moving pieces in one of the four colors towards the goal are the basic rules. The winner is the first person to circle the entire board with all his pieces. Simple and logical!

Ludo Hero is a Chinese game that you can play as a famous person. You can choose from Steve Jobs or Barrack Obama - and who will you like? Remember about the possibility of malicious interaction while playing Ludo - capturing each other's pawns is very exciting!

aplikacja mobilna