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About the game Chess Classic

How many moves do you need to wipe the king off the board? Test your skills and play Chess Classic. Remember that each piece has a specific range of movement, so make your moves on the board wisely so as not to expose the most important pieces to your opponent!  

Chess Classic – one game, many possibilities

In Chess Classic you can choose several game variants. The independent chess game option will allow you to face an automatic player who will not be an easy player to defeat.  

Another option is to play a game of chess with another player at the same time, on the same device. Thanks to this, you can enjoy Chess Classic by playing together.  

Free chess game – Chess Classic  

The aim of the game is to place the opponent's most important piece - the king - in a checkmate position, i.e. without the possibility of moving further, and to knock the figure off the board. The basics of the game are not complicated, but the details of the gameplay and advanced opponents can be a big threat.  

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