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Pawn games - simple and logical entertainment for the whole family

Board games are great entertainment for all family members - from the youngest to the oldest. There are versions that - due to the level of complexity - are more likely to be played by adults, and versions to which even small children can be easily invited. Pawn game, Ludo, Chinaman - these are the latter's suggestions. Toddlers love colorful elements and the interaction between players, so the fun can be really enjoyable.

To play pawns, you don't need any pawns or a real board. All you need is a web browser and an electronic device. Even on one computer, you can play with loved ones by setting the multiplayer mode - for example in Ludo with Friends. An additional attraction is the ability to choose an avatar and give your character a name. The players successively roll the dice and move their pawns by the indicated number of spots. The winner is the one who leads all his pieces to a safe base first.

You can play Chinese online in many combinations. The key to the decision may be the graphic design, the size of the board or the ability to personalize the user field. If you are an avid pawn player, you will definitely want to test and evaluate all the available versions so that you are sure to choose the best one. Don't get bored and - if possible in a game with a high degree of randomness - work out your own winning tactic in Ludo. Or take a stroke of luck and just roll the dice.

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