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Ludo - man, don't get frustrated!

Do you know how many names a certain popular game has? Chinese, Ludo, Man, don't be irritated !, Pionki, and even Pachisi, which is the ancient Indian game which he modeled on. The rules are simple, so it's great fun for the whole family - even children will be able to understand its mechanism. The square board is divided into four parts of different colors: blue, green, yellow and red. Two, three or four people can take part in the game and each of them chooses one of these colors.

In order to move around the board, one must roll the dice (or dice) one by one and move the pieces as many points as dropped. The first person to place all their pawns in the base / house / garage wins. The online version of Ludo works on the same principles, and the simplification is that you do not need to unfold the board or find a properly flat table for throwing dice. What's more, you decide for yourself whether you play from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ludo Play is a convenient version with an oblong interface that works well on mobile devices. Decide if you want to try your hand against one, two or three opponents, then give it your best. Rivals can be named and colored, and the dice roll is automated. Would you like personalization? Choose Ludo Hero or Ludo Friends, versions in which you have the option to choose an avatar for the characters currently sitting at the table. Invite your family or friends to play.

aplikacja mobilna