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Chinaman - a family game for everyone

Almost everyone has heard about the Chinese, and if you belong to the small group of people who do not know him - it's time to change it and find out what the fuss is about. The Chinese probably evolved from the ancient Indian game Pachisi, which had very similar but slightly more complicated rules. The most important thing is the presence of basic elements, that is: a board, four sets of four pieces of different colors (blue, green, yellow and red) and cubic dice with eyes.

How to play Chinaman? The participants successively roll the dice, and the number of spots visible on the top of the cube allows the pawn to be moved by as many squares. The winner is the one who takes all his pieces around the board first and places them in a special base (house). The online version works exactly the same, except that no props are needed, apart from an electronic device with internet access. You can try your hand at yourself against the computer or invite others to play - the game is played by 2 to 4 people.

Ludo Online is simply a classic Chinese. You mark the number of players and then the competition begins. Everyone has their own turn, and in order to move around the board, you need to roll 6 dice (then you also get an extra roll). However, if you would like to play Chinaman with the character customization option, choose Ludo With Friends. There you can select avatars and name everyone who is sitting at the table.

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